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Is Your Small Business Really Building Your Wealth?

Here are small business owners’ three most heart-breaking realities, when it comes time to take wealth out of the business. We say, do it differently.


The REAL “18,000 Girls Scout Cookies” Katie Francis Story

I can’t believe how hard it was to write this post about Katie Francis. I ended up searching through dozens of sources to dig out the real story. No small part of the challenge was determining the facts amid an avalanche of posters who used Katie Francis to publicize their […]


Business Innovation: Survival and Success for Springfield Remanufacturing

Occasionally I hear about a good business and good business person in the same breath; Springfield Remanufacturing is one of those good businesses, and Jack Stack is one of those good business people. For today’s business world, the intertwined story of Springfield Remanufacturing and Jack Stack is uniquely important.  Today […]