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Business Innovation From Those Nonsense 2015 Predictions?

By surveying 15 highest-ranked 2015 prediction posts, we found how to improve business performance in 2015 for business innovation success.


GoodBusiness Monday Morning, Time Management Techniques for Work

We’re all continuously seeking performance improvement. I’ve been wondering…why is so much written about time management techniques for work, when experts tell us we’re not becoming more productive?  It’s like golf; there’s no end of advice, but golfers’ handicap ratings haven’t declined in decades.  And when we do achieve some time management […]


Imagineering for Business Innovation

  We’re going to supercharge our business innovation process using an old word: “imagineering”.  Why?  Because it describes, so well, something great innovators rely on and  fall back on when every solution seems too expensive.  Here’s a definition of imagineering from Alcoa, the originators of the term: “Imagineering is letting […]


How to Write Good Requirements

Why should business people care quality improvements through better requirements for products or services?  Because what we build is only as good as why we built it.  We often express our “why” in the form of requirements.  Yet… after many years, product and service developers still don’t do a very […]


GoodBusiness Monday with Tim Cook, My 3×5 Card,  and Two Links

Have you ever thought you’d been given a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity?  Me neither.  But here’s how Tim Cook described joining Apple during its darkest hours. Any purely rational consideration of cost and benefits lined up in Compaq’s favor, and the people who knew me best advised me to stay at […]


Put Those Business Interview Tips in the Round File

Not all interviewing advice is good. It’s not all about passion; it’s about grit and commitment. I don’t care if you’re likable; can you work with people? And don’t complement me; here are 5 better ways to get my attention. And… can you say… “I don’t know”?


Business Innovation Sweetspots: 5 Places, 5 Qualities… and 8 Truths

There is not just one place where business innovation can thrive.  But some places are better than others. Innovation on the Factory Floor At Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky car factory there’s an empty space the size of a basketball court where Top Coat Booth C used to be.  In Booth C, […]


How to Win Your Guerrilla War Against Bad Business Habits

Suppressing bad business habits is guerrilla war. We tell you how to win your fights in 4 steps…. with proven tactics, techniques and procedures.


Staffing Performance Improvement. How?

Everyone wants performance improvement, whether it’s high performing projects, high performing companies, or high performing nonprofit organizations.  But how? One way is to pair the energy and intensity of youthful staff with older workers’ insightful experience.  It’s an idea that’s as old as craft, guilds, and enduring businesses. But, in […]


Improve Time Management with Two Favorite Tips

Time management skills go hand in hand with business performance improvement.  But there’s so much advice on time management available that it’s easy to be overwhelmed, and not know where to start your personal improvement effort.  We’ve chosen two of the best tips to get started. Do a time audit […]