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Business Experiment or Business Play? Let’s Do it Right.

When its time to for business innovation, for performance improvement, for quality improvement… here’s a how-to and innovation management plan.


Business Innovation from Senior Entrepreneurs? Yes!

Today I experimented; I Googled “Senior Entrepreneurs” and “Innovation” together.  0.44 seconds later I had 369 results.  Just 369. We are very busy talking about the surge in senior entrepreneurs.  Innovation is one of today’s most-discussed topics.  But there is almost no one discussing business innovation via seniors.  Doesn’t that […]


Business Plan or Business Model? Or Both?

In depth insights, detailed help. Why traditional business plans are still relevant and why business modeling is powerful. And… when to use both.


4 Sweetspot Entrepreneur Ages: 7, 16, 22 and 65

The best entrepreneurship opportunities don’t depend on your skills, profession or location. In this short post I explain why I think that 7, 16, 22 and 65 are the “sweetspot” ages to start your new enterprise.


Staffing Performance Improvement. How?

Everyone wants performance improvement, whether it’s high performing projects, high performing companies, or high performing nonprofit organizations.  But how? One way is to pair the energy and intensity of youthful staff with older workers’ insightful experience.  It’s an idea that’s as old as craft, guilds, and enduring businesses. But, in […]


The Grit Test

Ever wonder if there’s a way to predict who will “make it”, and who is more likely to stay mediocre, or even give up and go home?  You’re not alone.  Professor Angela Lee Duckworth has spent the past dozen years trying to answer that question. Here’s what she discovered. Our […]