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GoodBusiness Monday Morning, Time Management Techniques for Work

We’re all continuously seeking performance improvement. I’ve been wondering…why is so much written about time management techniques for work, when experts tell us we’re not becoming more productive?  It’s like golf; there’s no end of advice, but golfers’ handicap ratings haven’t declined in decades.  And when we do achieve some time management […]


Imagineering for Business Innovation

  We’re going to supercharge our business innovation process using an old word: “imagineering”.  Why?  Because it describes, so well, something great innovators rely on and  fall back on when every solution seems too expensive.  Here’s a definition of imagineering from Alcoa, the originators of the term: “Imagineering is letting […]


GoodBusiness Monday: Howard Schultz, Business Innovation Challenge, and Links

  Our leadoff this morning is Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks Coffee. In 1987 Howard bought a Seattle, Washington chain of 6 specialty coffee stores that had just begun selling espresso.  Today, Starbucks has over 21,000 coffee shops in 65 countries.  Howard Schulz tells the  story in two books:  “Pour […]


When Should We Give Up? 4 Times to Consider It.

Entrepreneurs and innovators get plenty of advice about perservering, staying gritty, and keeping on keeping on; but almost none about when it’s OK to give up.  In fact, there’s so much bias against giving up that Nathan Lustig felt compelled to write a post giving entrepreneurs “permission” to think about closing […]


Paul Hawken on Business Tradeskill

Have you heard about “tradeskill”?  Chances are, if you’re not into World of Warcraft (where trade skill has a separate meaning) You have’t run across this term.   And certainly not in business. We at GoodBusiness think it’s the most important business skill that somehow isn’t being talked about.  Here’s Paul […]


GoodBusiness Monday: Paul Hawken, Breakfast, a Link

Paul Hawken started my small business success story. The year was 1994 and I had a big problem.  I’d worked for several professional engineering services companies and wasn’t happy with any of them.  Then, one day, walking the halls of a large corporation (now defunct), I realized why I didn’t […]


Business Innovation: Entrepreneur Quality Improvement Needed!

Apparently venture capital needs some quality improvement… in entrepreneurs.  It seems that even venture capitalists like Mark Andreessen, Bill Gurley and Fred Wilson are sounding the alarm. There are a lot of young entrepreneurs who aren’t really grasping numbers.  A lot of investor money is being spent by startups at […]


Forming Good Business Habits

As small business entrepreneurs, don’t we have too much to do already? Yes we do. That’s exactly the challenge we can meet with good business habits.


What is Business Tradeskill?

Tradeskill is collection of skills you need to succeed in business. A few days ago I posted a short definition of tradeskill, courtesy of Paul Hawken. Here’s a bit more in-depth description of the elements of tradeskill, neatly packaged in a slide show. If you’d like to download the show you might want to click on over to slideshare, where it’s neatly packaged as a pdf file.


Learning Business Tradeskill: Learning to Count

Business tradeskill is a package of 5 separate skills: persistence facing the facts minimizing the right risks learning by doing grasping numbers Today, we’re going to talk about grasping numbers, i.e., learning to count. I know… numbers scare some people. But it doesn’t have to be that way for business. […]