Inspiration To Go from Buken Makokha

I don’t normally post other people’s content, but this is too good not to share.

Like you, I get tired, and then I grumble.  Now, when I grumble, I have an antidote; Buken Makokha.

Buken lives in a slum in Nairobi. From that unpromising venue he runs (figuratively and literally) three businesses.  While attending university full time.  Oh… and he also sleeps about 5 hours a night.

Brisbane’s CourierMail wrote a short profile of him a day or so ago, and he’s been the subject of an interview on CNN.

Every day, Buken Makokha gets up at 3 am to study for school.  At 7 am he’s on hand to open up his barber shop.  By 8 am he starts the rounds of his motorbike courier service, dodging Nairobi’s traffic to  deliver almost anything from parcels to food to drinks.  During the day he checks the page for his online site selling Eco-Zoom cookstoves.  When most of us are breaking for tea, Buken is on the way to spend his evenings in class.  Fast forward to tomorrow, and do over.

I’ve got a copy of the CourierMail article on my desktop and whenever I’m tempted to think that life isn’t good, I open that article.



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