Is Your Hard Work Really Creating Success?

Hard Work SuccessLet’s discuss three business truths  about hard work and success.  It’s easy to get distracted by the day-to-day routine of business.  It’s harder to finish the list of things to to do today, every day.  But it’s even harder, and even more important, to stay focused on doing the right work.  Finally, we all have just 24 hours… but somehow, small business owners need to break through mental and emotional barrier.

First, you are your small business.  That truth shouldn’t frighten you.  Here’s a secret about venture capitalists, who make it their business to pick the startup companies most likely to succeed.  They make their decisions on the qualities of the founding team.  That’s their bedrock.  If they bet on the owners, you should bet on yourself too.
Second, it’s your job to convert hard work into success.  While there are all sorts of different business activities, there are just a few critical skills that will create success.  They’re the five business tradeskills, and they apply whether your business is starting up, struggling towards your first profitable year, or growing into your engine of wealth.  They apply to management, marketing, sales, production, and business administration.

Here’s why you don’t hear much about business tradeskills.  They can’t be taught; but they can be learned.  That’s a contradiction in terms to academics and theorists.  However, anyone who’s ever learned to ride a bike knows the distinction.  Your parents gave you a bike, offered some coaching and maybe fitted training wheels for awhile.  You learned to pedal, steer, brake and watch the road by doing it.

We’ll carefully examine each of the 5 business tradeskills, one by one.  We’ll give multiple ways of learning them. (We’ve been preparing for some time, research everything modern neuroscience has to say about learning, as well as uncovering older, forgotten wisdom.) We’ll describe their applicability to each phase of the business lifecycle, and to each top level business function.  We’ll cite the references, so that you can go back to the source material. We’ll give examples and exercises.  We won’t quit until we’re absolutely sure we’ve found a way for you to learn all the business tradeskills.  We’ll keep at it until you have you own clear path to business tradeskill mastery.

Third, it’s your job to build on and multiply success.  The small business owner’s challenge is acute: there’s only one of you, you have only 24 hours in each day, and you can’t clone yourself (yet).  But you have two powerful multipliers; tools and tool-based automation.

We’ll recommend tools.  Unlike others, GoodBusiness tools will focus on amplifying and replacing (portions of) business tradeskills.  Here we’ll follow a strategy that’s proven effective for almost 20 years.  We’ll evaluate the spectrum of available tools.  We’ll recommend existing tools whenever we can.  If no single tool fits the bill, we’ll integrate an assemblage of tools that can do the job.  We’ll offer our own custom tools when we can’t find the capability in the marketplace.  But everywhere and always, we treat tools as business tradeskill multipliers.

We’ll show you how to automate using tools.  There’s a knack to small business automation; it’s rarely about expensive technology.  Most often, it’s about process simplification and speedup, where tools fill in the gaps.

Our longform posts will focus on the core of what you need to succeed.  Just 5 critical skills, applied to each business function throughout the business lifecycle.


It’s up to you; you can build your business on sand or rock.  We like rock.


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