GoodBusiness Monday with Richard Branson, Google News, and a Link

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson, a business natural.

Whether it’s entertainment, transportation or humanitarian ventures,  The sheer breadth of Richard Branson’s business vision leaves me breathless.  As both an entrepreneur and innovator, when he talks he has a half-century of experience to back him up.  Recently he’s authored a series of business books that we’ll review in the near future.    [Update: we’ve posted the review and you can read it by clicking  this link.]

Should we take his advice?  Richard Branson has a natural talent that guides him; distilled into advice and separated from his well-honed business instincts, his advice might… or might not… work for us.  For Richard Branson, like Steve Jobs, style and skill intertwine with long, long experience.  I think I’m going to test my own instinct when I read his books.

The daily news is as much a part of my morning ritual as tea or coffee and breakfast.  My favorite source is Google News, but I don’t simply treat it as an online newspaper.  Many probably know that senior leaders in industry and government get daily briefings on world affairs culled from many news sources.  Now, Google News makes that available to the rest of us simply by retrieving a timeline of articles based on our keyword input.  I use the keyword search capability to discover (a) how opinion about a topic changes over time, (b) background information that lends the perspective missing from so much “breaking news” reporting and (c) gaps in reporting that tell me the press is still learning about the story, and I should wait until all the facts come out.

But Google News also delivers two more daily briefing-like services for a Google+ subscriber.  We can add keywords  to the news list and Google News will always pull relevant news information for them at every update.  Here’s my personalized keywords list:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Business Skills
  • Business Habits
  • Business Tools
  • Innovators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business
  • Business U.S.
  • Business Singapore
  • Business India
  • Business Taiwan
  • Business Ireland
  • Business Australia

I also ask Google News to include or exclude certain news sources.  For instance, I ask Google News to exclude press releases from my news stream, but I ask for more wire service content.

I haven’t stopped reading the traditional media.  Weekly news magazines like The Economist still take the time to put news into context, and the readership and reach to report on unusual subjects.  But every morning, and especially every Monday morning, I start with Google News.

I’d like to close with a link to an article on this GoodBusiness site.  This week, though, I’ve found a site that’s a perfect inspiration for good work.  It’s called The Hand & Eye.  Here’s their “about” description:

The Hand & Eye tells the stories of designers, makers, farmers, shapers, woodworkers and other creative entrepreneurs who take pride in their crafts.  We feature our favorite products, companies and entrepreneurs and tell their stories, to give credit and inspire others.

There’s nothing more for me to say.  Let’s have a fantastic week!




  1. Richard Branson , having a net worth of over 4.5 billion coupled with his business ingenuity is an ideal source for advice on how to succeed. He has revolutionized the aviation industry with his innovations. I admire his simplicity mantra and the fact that he is always having so much fun. Great!

    • Chris Chadbourne says:

      James, I think Richard Branson is a fine role model. As to fun… I think he’s way better than me. I always say that you need to be having fun at least half the time, or something isn’t right.

  2. Michele Massion says:

    I can always listen to great advise

  3. I will look forward to it!

  4. Richard Branson is one of the most fascinating public figures of our era and, personally, for me, I think I would be very interested to get insight into what motivated him, and what made him tick as well as the tools he used to achieve his success. His natural charisma, I am sure, has played no small part.

    • Chris Chadbourne says:

      Jane, alright! We at GoodBusiness have our marching orders! We’ll be spending the weekend reading Richard Branson’s books, and we’ll publish a multi-book review next week. Seriously, Jane, thanks for the forthright push.

  5. Michele Massion says:

    I’d love to hear more

  6. Mary Taylor says:

    Heck yeah get advice from Richard Branson, why not? The people who you should get advice from are the winners in the industry. Richard Branson is one of the top players in the world with 4.90 billion net worth; If he has advice I will listen. I wish one day I could meet him and get one-on-one personal advice from him.

  7. I used to tell my wife that Branson must’ve sold his soul to the devil. But all jokes aside he’s a brilliant and innovative human being and I wouldn’t mind reading a few pages on advice from him.

  8. It’s hard to take Bransons advice because he pretty much made a way for himself. That kind of stuff does not happen everyday. If it did I’d be at least a million dollars richer.

    • Chris Chadbourne says:

      Thanks for the observation, Karl. When I read his books I’ll pay close attention to special circumstances and how they played into the execution of his business models.

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