GoodBusiness Monday: Steve Jobs, a Great Coffee and a Link

Jobs Quote

Steve Jobs starts us off right, with an anecdote about… Steve Jobs.  (Yes, if you can make magic, you can quote yourself.)

(Michael) Noer was reading a science fiction novel on his iPad while staying at a dairy farm in a rural area north of Bogota, Colombia, when a poor six-year-old boy who cleaned the stables came up to him.  Curious, Noer handed him the device.  With no instruction, and never having seen a computer before, the boy started using it intuitively.  He began swiping the screen, launching apps, playing a pinball game.  “Steve Jobs has designed a powerful computer that an illiterate six-year-old can use without instruction,” Noer wrote.  “If that isn’t magical, I don’t know what is.”

Story from Steve Jobs

While we’re figuring out how we’re going to fundamentally change the world, let’s drink some coffee.  Stumptown Roasters, legendary Portland coffee fanatics, tell us how to make one cup of worthy brew:

  • Grind about 8 grams or one tablespoon of good coffee to the consistency of bread crumbs.
  • Preheat the glass and plunger of your French press by pouring hot water into it, and then empty it.
  • Add the grounds to your warm, empty press.  Pour water that’s 30 seconds off the boil over the grounds and up to the halfway mark on your press.
  • After a minute, stir the grounds gently, pour more water until you fill the glass, and replace the plunger.
  • Wait 3 more minutes, press the plunger down slowly, and pour.

Ahhhhh….. that’s nice.

We all have just 24 hours in each day, but some of us manage to achieve more with them.   We’re starting this Monday morning off right, so let’s keep going with two very good time management tips.    However… if you want the absolute best time management tip I’ve ever found, then please read this GoodBusiness Monday article.

Stop by and read us again.  In the meantime, have a high productivity business week!




  1. Great find! My seven year old son is a wiz on any type of technology you put in front of him. It’s amazing how far along we have come to the point where a small child can manage a tablet or be able to Skype a family member as if it was as simple as turning on a television.

  2. Saira Syed says:

    Oh! so this Tea making and Coffee making is kind of your signature thing right? Well one after the other posts that i read here it reminds me of my favorite writer. So great work keep it up.

    • Chris Chadbourne says:

      Saira, I’ll tell you a secret. During my consulting days I drank a lot of coffee. Some of it was even palatable. When I started this GoodBusiness site and began my morning routine, I promised myself that I’d drink less coffee. Then, to compensate, I decide to drink good coffee. Ahhhh….. what a difference!

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