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Each one of these tools is free for you.  Read the descriptions, choose the one(s) you want, and then just click the button(s).  The result of our quick checkout is an email in your inbox providing you the download hotlink.


Our free business model canvas template is, hands-down, the best. Why? Because we've included a back-up page for each business model canvas category.

Kaizen means "change for the better". This 3 x 5 card is your top level reminder of what do during every cycle of incremental innovation.

Our business plan template is the swiss army knife of business plan templates. Plus, we advise about tailoring your plan for small businesses.

The retro little card that keeps track of what you need to do today, and gives you an emotional lift when you see those crossed-off jobs at day’s end.

The learning 3 x 5 card is the not-very-clever, extremely effective practice aid to help you learn by doing.