The Daily List Card


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Two Daily List CardsI’ve tried everything; after 20 years I still use 3 x 5 cards to list my daily tasks.  At first, they stayed with me when I forgot (on purpose?) my bulky personal organizer.  They proved to be handier than a quarto-folded piece of paper.  Now, they’re more convenient (and more effective) than the reminder app on my smartphone.  They’re much, much cheaper than a personal assistant.  They just work.

But, still in all, why on earth would anyone start their day by pencilling jobs on a 3×5 card?

  • There’s something about actually writing with pencil and paper that makes it real.   It somehow commits us to action in a way that a bullet item on a screen simply doesn’t.  Then shove that 3×5 card into a shirt pocket.
  • 3×5 cards make us think.  Putting an item on the card forces us to ask ourselves “Can I do all of this today?  Can I do more?”
  • That 3×5 card ends the day in the right way.    At night those crossed-out words give us satisfaction to go along with my evening coffee. Those crossed-out lines on that 3×5 remind us that we did well.

Nothing digital quite gives the motivating kick and satisfaction of this ridiculous, retro, little card.

People and pockets vary; A slightly shorter size fits in your dress shirt’s breast pocket.


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