The Business Plan


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business plan

A business plan is a document or presentation that describes the market, the product/service and the company you will build, with projections of your funding, expenses, and profits along the way.  Our business plan template is the swiss army knife of business plan templates.

Here’s a suggestion.  Before you decide to download our free business plan template, take 10 minutes to be sure you’ve picked the right planning document.  (You might be much better off by using a business model.) To decide, we offer a post we recently assembled that asks the questions “Business Plan?  Business Model? Or Both”.  Reading that post could save you days or weeks of wasted work.

If  you decide you should be preparing a business model, we have a free downloadable business model template as well.

Alright.  You’ve read the post, considered your situation, and decided that you should be writing a business plan.  As soon as you download the template you’ll realize you have a job of work ahead of you.  Why not start on the right foot by recognizing some basic differences between business plans written for big businesses, and those written by small business poeple? (We’re quite sure this post will save you even more time.)


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