The Business Model


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Business Model CanvasA business model is group of statement-like lessons you’ve learned about your product/service, who will buy it, why they’ll buy it, and how you’ll make money selling it.

Our free business model canvas template is, hands-down, the best, simplest way to develop a business model (and far better than sticky tabs on a marker board!).  Why?  Because we’ve included a back-up page for each business model category.  The back-up page lets you record your questions, results and notes… that’s the heart of the material that’s summarized on the canvas.

However… before you decide to download our free business plan model canvas, take 10 minutes to be sure you’ve picked the right planning document.  (You might be much better off by using a business plan.) To decide, we offer a post we recently assembled that asks the questions “Business Plan?  Business Model? Or Both”.  Reading that post could save you days or weeks of wasted work.

If  you decide you should be preparing a business plan, we have a free downloadable business plan template as well.

Alright.  You’ve read the post, considered your situation, and decided that you should be developing a business model canvas.  Our experience says it doesn’t get simpler than this one.


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