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Zane’s Cycles: A 34 Year Small Business Success Story

An amazing, inspiring small business success story. 34 years of continuous growth by selling service along with every bicycle and helmet. How? Read here.


Imagineering for Business Innovation

  We’re going to supercharge our business innovation process using an old word: “imagineering”.  Why?  Because it describes, so well, something great innovators rely on and  fall back on when every solution seems too expensive.  Here’s a definition of imagineering from Alcoa, the originators of the term: “Imagineering is letting […]


Paul Hawken on Business Tradeskill

Have you heard about “tradeskill”?  Chances are, if you’re not into World of Warcraft (where trade skill has a separate meaning) You have’t run across this term.   And certainly not in business. We at GoodBusiness think it’s the most important business skill that somehow isn’t being talked about.  Here’s Paul […]


3 High Ideas for your personal business plan

Recently I posted an article about 4 sweetspot ages to start a business.  Here are three great ideas for your personal business plan (the one you build on throughout your life).  These are fresh ideas and stories from insightful business innovation thought leaders. Business Plan Adventures in High School If […]


4 Sweetspot Entrepreneur Ages: 7, 16, 22 and 65

The best entrepreneurship opportunities don’t depend on your skills, profession or location. In this short post I explain why I think that 7, 16, 22 and 65 are the “sweetspot” ages to start your new enterprise.


Improve Time Management with Two Favorite Tips

Time management skills go hand in hand with business performance improvement.  But there’s so much advice on time management available that it’s easy to be overwhelmed, and not know where to start your personal improvement effort.  We’ve chosen two of the best tips to get started. Do a time audit […]


Inspirational Quotes by Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett

Inspirational quotes from Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett about the difference between yesterday and tomorrow.


The REAL “18,000 Girls Scout Cookies” Katie Francis Story

I can’t believe how hard it was to write this post about Katie Francis. I ended up searching through dozens of sources to dig out the real story. No small part of the challenge was determining the facts amid an avalanche of posters who used Katie Francis to publicize their […]


Inspiration To Go from Buken Makokha

Like you, I get tired, and then I grumble. Now, when I grumble, I have an anti-dote; Buken Makokha. Buken lives in a slum in Nairobi. From that unpromising venue he runs (figuratively and literally) three businesses. While attending university full time. Oh… and he also sleeps about 5 hours a night.


Entrepreneur Quotes to Ignore

Entrepreneur quotes… there’s a lot of egregious fiction (lies) about entrepreneurship in today’s social media. Some are uninformed, some are merely funny… and some can bankrupt you.  Here are my “favorites”. “I’m starting my business because I want to be my own boss” So you actually started your business and […]