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When Should We Give Up? 4 Times to Consider It.

Entrepreneurs and innovators get plenty of advice about perservering, staying gritty, and keeping on keeping on; but almost none about when it’s OK to give up.  In fact, there’s so much bias against giving up that Nathan Lustig felt compelled to write a post giving entrepreneurs “permission” to think about closing […]


Two High Endurance Entrepreneurs Tell Us About Staying Put

Two entrepreneurs who stayed put, building their companies for 30 years and sticking with it during fat and lean times.


Business Success Stories: the Long Term

There are many kinds of business success stories.  We read all about entrepreneurs who started a company, grew it though venture capital and then went public; they’re stars and they deserve it.  However, there aren’t many entrepreneurs who started their own companies and then stayed there for a whole career. […]


Is an MBA Your Growth Path? What About Alternatives?

Maybe gaining a Masters of Business Administration doesn’t make you a master of business. If you have an absolute passion to become a business person, here are three ways to spend 2 years of tuition, books and late nights differently.


How to Apologize

At some point, every business will have to apologize.  As long as business is a human activity, businesses will make mistakes.  This post shows, by way of an example, how to apologize to your customers when you’ve hurt them.  On December 2nd of 2013 Target department stores experienced every online […]


The Grit Test

Ever wonder if there’s a way to predict who will “make it”, and who is more likely to stay mediocre, or even give up and go home?  You’re not alone.  Professor Angela Lee Duckworth has spent the past dozen years trying to answer that question. Here’s what she discovered. Our […]