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What is Your Customer Thinking?

These days, what is your customer thinking about? It used to be so much simpler. Now, Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jobs say that customers don’t really know what they want. They’re half right. Let’s find out why… and why not.


Business Performance Improvement: Wisdom from Three Continents

Every business person wants to make their business better; here’s wisdom about business performance improvement from business people on three continents. This is one of those rare posts I can recommend to everyone; businesses large and small, owners and employees, to improve both products and services. And, although each technique has […]


Business Innovation: Survival and Success for Springfield Remanufacturing

Occasionally I hear about a good business and good business person in the same breath; Springfield Remanufacturing is one of those good businesses, and Jack Stack is one of those good business people. For today’s business world, the intertwined story of Springfield Remanufacturing and Jack Stack is uniquely important.  Today […]


How to Apologize

At some point, every business will have to apologize.  As long as business is a human activity, businesses will make mistakes.  This post shows, by way of an example, how to apologize to your customers when you’ve hurt them.  On December 2nd of 2013 Target department stores experienced every online […]


The Three Customer Questions

What goes on in my customer’s mind the very first time they encounter my business, my product, or my service?  It’s a  brief moment, but it defines our relationship.  Are they excited?  Maybe.  Suspicious?  Perhaps.  Curious?  Always.  I need to satisfy that curiosity. After that, I may be able to […]


The Grit Test

Ever wonder if there’s a way to predict who will “make it”, and who is more likely to stay mediocre, or even give up and go home?  You’re not alone.  Professor Angela Lee Duckworth has spent the past dozen years trying to answer that question. Here’s what she discovered. Our […]