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Business Plan or Business Model? Or Both?

In depth insights, detailed help. Why traditional business plans are still relevant and why business modeling is powerful. And… when to use both.


Two Merchandising Tips for Growth and Success

I’ve been studying a great post that’s chock full of merchandising tips.   Here are my two favorite tips, my must-remember takeaways for merchandizing success. Many vendors make the mistake of believing their product will sell itself. While it is true that good craftsmanship is important – it is NOT what […]


Staffing Performance Improvement. How?

Everyone wants performance improvement, whether it’s high performing projects, high performing companies, or high performing nonprofit organizations.  But how? One way is to pair the energy and intensity of youthful staff with older workers’ insightful experience.  It’s an idea that’s as old as craft, guilds, and enduring businesses. But, in […]


Spotting Good Customers, Nurturing Great Customers

Is it really possible to do customer quality improvement?  Can we dream like this? “I’d really like more good customers.  I dream of having great customers.” Today we’re going to talk about what good customers can do for our business, describe the good customer, and then discuss a few things […]


Preparing Small Business for Economic Hard Times

It’s time to prepare our businesses for the half-chance that the stagnating U.S. economy is wallowing into recession. Here’s how I recommend we do it this time around.


The REAL “18,000 Girls Scout Cookies” Katie Francis Story

I can’t believe how hard it was to write this post about Katie Francis. I ended up searching through dozens of sources to dig out the real story. No small part of the challenge was determining the facts amid an avalanche of posters who used Katie Francis to publicize their […]


Two High Endurance Entrepreneurs Tell Us About Staying Put

Two entrepreneurs who stayed put, building their companies for 30 years and sticking with it during fat and lean times.


Business Success Stories: the Long Term

There are many kinds of business success stories.  We read all about entrepreneurs who started a company, grew it though venture capital and then went public; they’re stars and they deserve it.  However, there aren’t many entrepreneurs who started their own companies and then stayed there for a whole career. […]


How to Set High Business Standards

Setting high standards can happen anywhere in the enterprise. Here’s how one hospital learned from a nurse.


Is an MBA Your Growth Path? What About Alternatives?

Maybe gaining a Masters of Business Administration doesn’t make you a master of business. If you have an absolute passion to become a business person, here are three ways to spend 2 years of tuition, books and late nights differently.