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CRM Systems and Services Aren’t Keeping Up. Why Not?

Are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems becoming obsolescent? Increasingly, CRM implementations are too narrow.  Today’s CRM gives unwary company executives and their marketing teams a false sense of marketing security.  Now, we’re thinking about stakeholders instead of just customers, partnership instead of relationship, and engagement instead of management.  CRMs are […]


Business Experiment or Business Play? Let’s Do it Right.

When its time to for business innovation, for performance improvement, for quality improvement… here’s a how-to and innovation management plan.


Two Merchandising Tips for Growth and Success

I’ve been studying a great post that’s chock full of merchandising tips.   Here are my two favorite tips, my must-remember takeaways for merchandizing success. Many vendors make the mistake of believing their product will sell itself. While it is true that good craftsmanship is important – it is NOT what […]


Spotting Good Customers, Nurturing Great Customers

Is it really possible to do customer quality improvement?  Can we dream like this? “I’d really like more good customers.  I dream of having great customers.” Today we’re going to talk about what good customers can do for our business, describe the good customer, and then discuss a few things […]


Preparing Small Business for Economic Hard Times

It’s time to prepare our businesses for the half-chance that the stagnating U.S. economy is wallowing into recession. Here’s how I recommend we do it this time around.


The REAL “18,000 Girls Scout Cookies” Katie Francis Story

I can’t believe how hard it was to write this post about Katie Francis. I ended up searching through dozens of sources to dig out the real story. No small part of the challenge was determining the facts amid an avalanche of posters who used Katie Francis to publicize their […]


What is Your Customer Thinking?

These days, what is your customer thinking about? It used to be so much simpler. Now, Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jobs say that customers don’t really know what they want. They’re half right. Let’s find out why… and why not.


The Three Customer Questions

What goes on in my customer’s mind the very first time they encounter my business, my product, or my service?  It’s a  brief moment, but it defines our relationship.  Are they excited?  Maybe.  Suspicious?  Perhaps.  Curious?  Always.  I need to satisfy that curiosity. After that, I may be able to […]