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Business Innovation From Those Nonsense 2015 Predictions?

By surveying 15 highest-ranked 2015 prediction posts, we found how to improve business performance in 2015 for business innovation success.


GoodBusiness Monday Slashes Nonsense from 2015 Business Predictions

A high idea; distill amazing value from the nonsense of business predictions in 2015. 3 business quotes, 2 secrets, hidden insights into customers’ behavior.


 Nine Ways Small Business Plans Should be Different

In 1994, I wish I’d known what I know now; small business plans should be different than big business plans.  I could have saved myself time as I wrote the plan for my consulting business.  I would have developed my plan differently.  I should have used my plan differently to […]


Innovation Process: Story Listening for Great Products

Why should small business innovation start with story listening?  After all, this is the day of social media, online customer surveys and big data-powered business analytics. Dare we remind ourselves that we can still talk with individual customers?   There’s a skill to it, and a unique payoff.  It’s a […]


Imagineering for Business Innovation

  We’re going to supercharge our business innovation process using an old word: “imagineering”.  Why?  Because it describes, so well, something great innovators rely on and  fall back on when every solution seems too expensive.  Here’s a definition of imagineering from Alcoa, the originators of the term: “Imagineering is letting […]


How to Write Good Requirements

Why should business people care quality improvements through better requirements for products or services?  Because what we build is only as good as why we built it.  We often express our “why” in the form of requirements.  Yet… after many years, product and service developers still don’t do a very […]


When Should We Give Up? 4 Times to Consider It.

Entrepreneurs and innovators get plenty of advice about perservering, staying gritty, and keeping on keeping on; but almost none about when it’s OK to give up.  In fact, there’s so much bias against giving up that Nathan Lustig felt compelled to write a post giving entrepreneurs “permission” to think about closing […]


Put Those Business Interview Tips in the Round File

Not all interviewing advice is good. It’s not all about passion; it’s about grit and commitment. I don’t care if you’re likable; can you work with people? And don’t complement me; here are 5 better ways to get my attention. And… can you say… “I don’t know”?


CRM Systems and Services Aren’t Keeping Up. Why Not?

Are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems becoming obsolescent? Increasingly, CRM implementations are too narrow.  Today’s CRM gives unwary company executives and their marketing teams a false sense of marketing security.  Now, we’re thinking about stakeholders instead of just customers, partnership instead of relationship, and engagement instead of management.  CRMs are […]


Business Experiment or Business Play? Let’s Do it Right.

When its time to for business innovation, for performance improvement, for quality improvement… here’s a how-to and innovation management plan.