3 High Ideas for your personal business plan

Recently I posted an article about 4 sweetspot ages to start a business.  Here are three great ideas for your personal business plan (the one you build on throughout your life).  These are fresh ideas and stories from insightful business innovation thought leaders.

Business Plan Adventures in High School

If you’re a middle or high school student, or a secondary school teacher,  you may be wondering who’s putting out the best material on getting an early entrepreneurial start.  I think it’s Steve Blank and his tribe, and today I suggest a genuine thriller of a story about teaching high school students about lean startups.  Here’s what I mean:

Because these were high school kids with, for the first time, a real business relying on them, this portion of the class shook them so badly they couldn’t move from their seats–literally. All their hard-wired school habits turned to dust as the kids realized their school tools were useless: there were no solution keys, no rubrics, no answers in the back of the book. Feeling the pressure, after 3 wasted days, one student on one team finally convinced her team they needed to get out of the building, like in Steve’s video. That’s when everything changed.

Leave the classroom to learn?  Yes, especially for business!

Business Plan from Around the World for Millennials

If you’re just out of school and making your way in the world, (and finally, finally, making money as well as spending it!), hopefully you’ve realized that there’s a lifetime of things to learn.  This lifehacker post can get you started, without upending your impossible schedule or emptying your as-yet-too-thin wallet.   So many courses, so much to choose from!  Naturally, I have a favorite:

  • Copenhagen Business School – Social Entrepeneurship – Professors Kai Hockerts, Kristjan Jespersen, Ester Barinaga, Anirudh Agrawal, Sudhanshu Rai, and Robert Austin -This course, as designed, aims to teach you how to change the world. Most specifically, the course wants to show you how to see opportunities in society not just for building your own businesses or bringing your own ideas to the fore, but to effect positive social change in the process. You’ll read case studies of entrepreneurs who have used their own ideas and businesses to improve their communities while simultaneously making their own ideas come to light. The course teaches you how to look for those opportunities, solve real social problems, and do so in a manner that’s sustainable and congruent with your communities and localities instead of at odds with them.

There’s a bonus section at the end of the lifehacker post about how to find your own online courses.

A Business Plan for Life_Experienced Entrepreneurs

If you’re closing in on “retirement”  (I’m sorry, I can’t even figure out what that word means anymore), you may have read a lot of “stuff” about senior entrepreneurs, etc.  Instead, visit a Canadian website, seniorpreneur.  There are no sidebars, no graphics of any kind, no “about us” section… nothing but very good content about entrepreneurship for the life-experienced.  Here’s a snippet:

On the other hand, Seniorpreneurs (business entrepreneurs) are rising in numbers not only in Canada and the United States but in many countries around the world including South Africa. In my own research for the new book titled, Encore! Encore! Seniors (50 Plus) As Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come, I found that a minimum of 15% have made the switch to small business careers and what is more important 20-25% are planning to become Seniorpreneurs in their 50’s, 60’s,70’s & 80’s. And, what is really astonishing is that we have people such as Robert E. Levinson and others that are still productive in their 90’s. I can also predict that there will be some Seniorpreneurs still going strong into their Fourth Act i.e. 100 years old and older.

For those who want it… retirement becomes nothing more than changing your boss… but what a difference when you’re the boss. 

Postscript:  This has become one of GoodBusiness’ more popular posts.  We’d like to make another couple just like this, and we need your help.  Would you be able to recommend a business site with an unusual story that deserves a wider readership?  Please… tell us about it and we’ll do our best to give it the visibility it deserves.




  1. Chris Chadbourne says:

    Sure. I wrote a note about this in another post, but briefly, in the US and Europe entrepreneurship and innovation are often associated primary with young people. However, there’s no reason that people with grey hair can’t start companies and thrive. We here in America and Europe need to remind ourselves of that.

  2. Chris, you give some very informative advice. The best part is that you help all age groups keep their business practices in check. Please keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to more post from you!

  3. The article’s title intrigued me. Nice post and writing style as usual is brilliant!

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